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21 June 2012 @ 07:57 am
Diversity Prompts at Samhain Smut  
Claiming is now open at samhain_smut! There are a ton of prompts with characters of color this time round, so have a gander, claim, and write/draw/create!

All prompts may be claimed twice for fic and art, and claiming is open until 2 July 2012.

3. Prompt:Mischief Night is the busiest time of of year for Weasley Wizarding Wheezes. This year is no different. But something goes wrong for one of their best new pranking products...
Suggested Character/Pairings: </b> Twins/Angelina, Twins/Lee, Twins/Katie Bell, Twins/Verity
Suggested Kink(s): whatever suits your fancy!

4. Prompt:On Samhain, the walls between the walls are at their thinnest. A restless and unsatisfied spirit inhabits someone and the only way to exorcise him/her is through sex.
Suggested Character/Pairings Ginny/Neville, Ginny/Luna, Ron/Lavender, Lavender/Parvati, or any combination of those, Cedric/anyone
Suggested Kink(s): rough sex, dub-con, bondage, double penetration

5. Prompt: The Witches of Hogwarts (or Hogsmeade or London or wherever) have their own private way of celebrating Hallowe'en
Suggested Character/Pairings Minerva/Pomona, Molly/Minerva, Narcissa/Bellatrix, Trelawney/Sinestra, Ginny/Tonks, Millicent/Pansy
Suggested Kink(s): tribadism, fingering, oral sex, ritual use of drugs
Additional comments: any femmeslash pairing would be fantastic!

11. Prompt: At the Masquerade Ball, nobody knows who you are. Even if who you are is the Minister for Magic.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Go wild; the Minister in question could be Fudge or Scrimgeour or Shacklebolt, OR it could be Hermione or McGonagall, or Harry , or someone else entirely.
Additional comments: I love the idea of the Masquerade being a way for folks to explore their shadow sides, so seeing that play out (the Minister giving up control, or conversely refusing to please anyone but himself/herself?) would be wonderful.

12. Prompt: A muggle-born wizard decides to show his not-quite girlfriend what a horror movie is, in the hopes she'll leap into his arms and they can finally have sex. Instead, she becomes convinced that if they have sex on Halloween night, it will end badly. He has to persuade her otherwise.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Dean/Luna, Harry/Pansy
Suggested Kink(s): role-playing, exhibitionism
Additional comments: Mega bonus points if the film is Cabin in the Woods

13. Prompt Muggleborn witches & wizards and half-breeds with Muggle families tend to celebrate Hallowe'en different than their Pureblood/Wizarding World peers. Harry/Hermione/Dean/Lily/whoever has to explain certain pop culture references and/or costumes to their friends through role playing
Suggested Character/Pairings: </b> Harry/Ron, Hermione/Ginny, Lily/Sirius/James, Dean/Luna
Suggested Kink(s): Costumes. Roleplaying. Powerplay.
Additional comments: References/roleplaying as something else fannish (as long as it's not anachronistic to the time period) would be awesome. So perhaps some Dr Who or Avengers or James Bond role play?

19. Prompt: He is resurrected after being turned into an Inferi by Voldemort during the war. She saves him. He's very grateful.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Regulus/Hermione, Rabastan/Hermione, Blaise/Hermione
Suggested Kink(s): Obsession.
Additional comments: They are drawn to each other, despite not wanting to be. Might be a by-product of the spell that brought him back, or for some other reason - your choice, author.

27. Prompt: Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her.
So he put her in a pumpkin shell.
And there he kept her very well.

Suggested Character/Pairings: Ron/Fleur (background Bill/Fleur) or Charlie/Narcissa (background Lucius/Narcissa) or Draco/Ginny (background Harry/Ginny) or Lee/Angelina (background George/Angelina) or Ginny/Astoria (background Draco/Astoria) or any pairing where a wife is unfaithful, hubby sees, then hubby imprisons her in a pumpkin.
Suggested Kink(s): Infidelity, incarceration, voyeurism?

30. Prompt: It's okay to be gay on Halloween, I swear.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Blaise/Draco
Suggested Kink(s):
Additional comments: Post-Hogwarts

34. Prompt: Miscommunication at a fancy dress masquerade party leads to a massive mix-up when two couples wearing identical costumes arrive separately. Person A thinks that Person C is really their partner and vice versa. Meanwhile, their actual partners, Person B and Person D do the same. Hilarity and hot sex ensue.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Harry/Luna & Neville/Hermione, Bill/Fleur & Remus/Tonks, Fred/Parvati & George/Padma
Suggested Kink(s): semi-clothed sex, wall!sex, dirty talk
Additional comments:

35. Prompt: A couple, desperate for a child despite a war (the first War) going on, engages in sex magic and/or spells to ensure the child's conception and protection. A third person might be involved in ensuring that it all goes well.
Suggested Character/Pairings: James/Lily (/Sirius or Remus), Alice/Frank (/Kingsley or Moody), Arthur/Molly (/Kingsley or someone else)
Suggested Kink(s): sex magic, threesome, whatever lights your jack-o-lantern
Additional comments: Given their birthdates, Harry, Neville and Ginny were all conceived on or around Hallowe'en so why not take advantage of that? Also, extra points if you can somehow connect all three and work Harry/Ginny/Neville (or Ginny/Neville or Harry/Neville) into the story.

37. Prompt: Mistaken identities at a masquerade ball
Suggested Character/Pairings: Percy/Padma, George/Gabrielle, Percy/Katie
Suggested Kink(s): Wall sex, semi-public sex, one partner really knowing the other's identity but playing dumb
Additional comments: Have fun!

46. Prompt: Bill and Fleur are on the prowl during the family Samhain celebration. Can they ensnare a willing partner to make their evening complete?
Suggested Character/Pairings: Bill/Fleur + Charlie, Draco, Teddy, Remus, or Kingsley
Suggested Kink(s): Het and slash, double penetration, spit roast, tit fucking/facial

49. Prompt: 8th-year at Hogwarts: someone from the DA is falling hard for another student who was on the wrong side during the previous year. Meanwhile, despite efforts at conciliation, tensions between Slytherins and the rest of the students run high in various ways. Things come to a head at the Halloween celebration - both for the romance and the hostility.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Ernie/Pansy, Blaise/Padma, Michael/Daphne (or any DA character with a Slytherin character)
Suggested Kink(s): Wall sex or outdoors sex, first time for one of the couple.
Additional comments: A hopeful ending — some degree of resolution?

50. Prompt: 8th-year at Hogwarts: Seamus is an expert at making things blow up, intentionally or not. When he's put in charge of the Halloween party fireworks at Hogwarts, things go 'boom' in interesting ways.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Seamus/Lavender, Seamus/Dean/Luna, Seamus/Parvati
Additional comments: If you go with Seamus/Parvati, perhaps Lavender could be dead as per movie canon, and shared grief has brought them closer in the months that followed.

61. Prompt: Mischief and mayhem at a Hallowe'en concert held by the Weird Sisters. Music is magic and leads everyone to debauchery.
Suggested pairings: Bill/Tonks, Charlie/Tonks, Bill/Tonks/Charlie, Lily/James/Sirius, Draco/Pansy, Pansy/Blaise
Suggested Kinks: dub-con, sex under the influence of a spell, public sex

76. Prompt: She watches him from the shadows every night as he makes love to his wife, and jealousy eats at her Vampiress' heart. She wants him. She wants to make him like her. She's going to have him.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Lavender/Neville, Pansy/Blaise, Hermione/Bill
Suggested Kink(s): Invent a ceremony for her turning him into a Vampire that includes hot sex. Can be consensual, dub-con, or non-con - your choice author.

77. Prompt: Character A, a strictly by-the-rules person, has carried a torch for character B for a long time. So when A is forced to serve as head judge for the best costume categories at the Ministry's Halloween party, and it turns out that character B isn't above attempting to unduly influence the judge's decision — up to and including by rank seduction — all bets are off.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Susan/Blaise, Katie/Cormac, Zacharias/Parvati
Suggested Kink(s): Oral (character B on character A!)
Additional comments: Just heap on the smooth or not-so-smooth moves. :D

89. Prompt: Cursed is the man who dies, but the evil done by him survives. ~ Abu Bakr
Suggested Character/Pairings: Greg Goyle, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil (trio-era characters preferred, but use your imagination)
Suggested Kink(s): Bondage, Dub-con
Additional comments: Abduction leads to seduction. And seduction is a powerful weapon.

103. Prompt: When they wear their masks, they are someone else, so they pretend it's not wrong.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Blaise/Pansy
Additional comments: Infidelity at a masquerade ball.

106. Prompt: They've been waiting for months now, and it's finally time, on Halloween, for the ritual to be performed. It's the night Hermione's been dreading, because they're planning to use her blood in an ancient ritual to try and enslave all future Muggleborns.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Lucius/Hermione, Theodore/Hermione, Blaise/Hermione, Dolohov/Hermione, any Death Eater/Hermione
Suggested Kink(s): Non Con, Humiliation
Additional comments: Darkfic, Voldemort Wins?

107. Prompt: If there's one thing Hermione can't stand, it's the noise of the fireworks on Bonfire Night. Lucius is always happy to indulge his wife and bring out the mask they only use once a year. The mask that covers her whole head and stops her seeing, hearing and talking.
Suggested Character/Pairings: Lucius/Hermione (or Theodore/Hermione, Blaise/Hermione, Dolohov/Hermione)
Suggested Kink(s): Sensory deprivation, BDSM
Additional comments: I'd prefer this to be consensual, but it's up to you :)